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Why wait for better skin? Be comfortable in the skin you’re in.

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We understand how hard it can be to feel confident when society, television, magazine, and Instagram filters pretend to show us what is considered “flawless”, “perfect”. or “attractive”. First of all, your skin is uniquely yours, and no app is needed to make it “better”.

We help thousands of clients achieve the results they want, and faster than they ever thought possible.

At The Skin Therapist, we treat skin health from all angles. It’s not a quick-fix scheme like Botox or Accutane. We take a holistic, whole-life approach. We learn about your routines and habits, your unique needs, and design a personalized, budget-friendly treatment plan to help you achieve your desired result.

The Skin Therapist chose Owensboro because we want to be part of something that is welcoming to all. We want our friends and neighbors to visit us each month and enjoy their journey to better skin care. Our services range from acne and aging to scarring and overall skin health treatments. We see clients from their teens all the way through the senior years of life. Skin care is for everyone.

We’re not selling you anything you don’t want or need. We’re simply providing a private, comfortable setting with highly trained providers who you can trust and will make you feel at ease. We’ve traveled the country learning best practices in skin care and customer service. The result of everything we’ve learned is your experience at The Skin Therapist.

We understand. We help. We provide. Once you schedule your consultation, you’ll be one step closer to healthy, glowing skin you love.

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